About Me

I’m a digital product consultant that has been surfing and building out the Web since 1995. I’ve previously been a product manager, solution architect, user experience team manager, front-end engineer, and even held the end-all be-all of 90s technology job titles: webmaster.” I’ve worked for startups, large multi-national companies and have a particularly deep experience working in higher education.

When I’m not knee-deep in technology, I’m likely to be caring for my family, riding a bicycle, cooking, watching hockey, playing video games or reading a book.

Some things I’ve done professionally:

  • I published an article in A List Apart about Paper Prototyping that has held up rather well given that age and I know is often referenced by designers and educators around the world.
  • I co-authored a research paper that talked about findability and interface design in search specifically when applied to health topics.
  • Was an Invited Expert on the W3Cs HTML5 Working Group
  • Devloped the user experience program and hired the initial six-person team for the University of Washington’s Office of Research
  • Built and developed seach engine interfaces and internal index tuning tools for multiple organizations that dealt with millions of documents

Bicycle Things

I love bicycles and ride them everyday to get my kids to school or their activities. I use them for shopping or other common errands. And I’ve done wild things like move from one house to another with, bring home a Christmas tree, or help my wife get to work one day when she was running late.

We own a bunch of bicycles in our family, here’s a few:

I’ve also ridden a few other cargo bikes that I can speak to (though the models we owned were older than current production variants:)

  • Surly Big Dummy
  • Madsen Bucket” Bike

Finally, we’ve tried just about kid-carrying bike attachment you can think of (trail-a-bikes, front mounted handle-bar seats, car seat mounted into a cargo bike box, etc.)

If you have a question about cargo bicycles, commuting by bicycle, or carrying your kids on your bicycle — you should email me!