Rainy Day Jazz

Part of documenting my Reading List library will include going through 100s of items that I’ve been queuing up over the last several years. Kinda like wading into an old person’s house and seeing years worth of newspapers stacked up everywhere — something I’m familiar with since that was the scene I found after I visited my grandfather at his house some time ago.

Seeing as I’m fond of having good writing music this collection of rainy day jazz” tunes from Reddit’s Jazz subreddit seems appropriate. The top voted post is a good starting point for making your own collection. To help you out I’ve collected 48 of the songs into a public Apple Music playlist.

It is missing a few tracks that don’t seem to be available on Apple Music:

In the case of Blue Champagne I found a version by Anita O’Day that I enjoyed and added to my collection as it felt at home with the more subdued sides of the recommended playlist. Right now the songs are just added in the order the poster presented them but I’ll likely reorder and refine the list down over the next couple of listens.



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