Blogging with

I hit a wall on a work project earlier this week and I find sometimes it helps to return to an old stomping ground: blogging. I’ve been happy with my Hugo & AWS blog setup but I’m always on the lookout for a better system. Based on positive feedback in the community I wanted to try out from David Merfield.

Overall, my initial impressions are extremely positive.

Blot hits the sweet spot of a baked blog with the development responsiveness of a more dynamic system. The custom theme system is simple enough to quickly customize but robust enough for someone like me to gently push it a little farther than a custom theme might typically go. There are a lot of nice touches - including a dashboard view of 404 (missing file) requests and a method to help you quickly redirect those to the right place.

The other strong thing Blot has going for it: David. David comes across as a responsive and thoughtful person. Over a couple of days David listened to my stream-of-thought experience with his software and gave helpful feedback while also leveraging our dicussions to improve the Blot software for the community as a whole. I know a the one person” software model has scaling issues and there’s always risk involved with such a tight coupling of individual to the product but in this case I think David is absolutely the biggest selling point of Blot over something like my previous blog tooling (Hugo.)

I’m happy to say I’ve moved my site over to Blot (seamlessly, it shouldn’t look or work any different) and I’m looking forward to seeing how the platform grows over the next decade.