Why blog again?

I was prompted to rethink my Twitter strategy while listening to Manton Reece’s Timetable podcast:

My blog first” strategy is actually really simple. I just follow the rule that I never post directly to Twitter unless I’m replying to a question. If I want to post something to Twitter, I fire up MarsEdit on my Mac, or I open the Micro.blog iOS app, and I post it there. Then of course Micro.blog sees that and sends it to Twitter for me.

Starting today, I’m going to follow a similar blog first” path. Along these lines I need to be better about writing up notes about the many items I place in Safari’s Reading List. 100s of links have worked their way through my Reading List and while they are often are shared or bookmarked I think I frequently forget to write down why it was worth my time to save these items for later reading.

So my hope with this website is to get back to the roots of what made blogging great oh so long ago - curating an index of personally interesting URLs from the internet and documenting the experience. That’s the goal for now - move longer form thoughts away from Twitter and make sure I’m documenting what I was thinking while I was collecting so many URLs from the internet.