How we use Kanban on the GOV.UK Publishing Platform team

Alan Wright writes on the GOV.UK blog:

We operate in an uncertain environment, and we’re constantly learning more about the needs of our users. By releasing valuable new features continuously to our users, we get feedback quicker which gives us the information we need to make better decisions. And by delaying product decisions to the last responsible moment, we make the most of this knowledge and minimise waste in our process.

Delivery (or how the sausage gets made”) in the software world is still largely consumed by the buzzword that makes most folks groan: Agile. That’s a shame really as agile software development doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming if you keep a level head about it.

This write-up of a dead-simple Kanban system from United Kingdom’s Government publishing platform team is what any team should read at the beginning if they want to get started with Kanban. One thing this approach assumes is that you have a functioning work culture that fosters positive and candid communication. If that’s not the case where you work I suggest polishing your resume.