Firefox introduces PDF viewer to browse the Web without interruption


Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux introduces a built-in browser PDF viewer that allows you to read PDFs directly within the browser, making reading PDFs easier because you don’t have to download the content or read it in a plugin like Reader. For example, you can use the PDF viewer to check out a menu from your favorite restaurant, view and print concert tickets or read reports without having to interrupt your browsing experience with extra clicks or downloads.

I wonder if fill-in-place forms work? All implemented in JavaScript. While we have a native vs. web debate going on in the mobile space the activity within browsers is all about getting rid of their native shackles.

If they Firefox engineers can pull off the same-as-image PDF quality printing people are used to then they’ll have shipped something crucial in web history. Regardless the writing is on the wall for browser plugins. If not the Firefox team, someone else will ship a full-featured JavaScript PDF engine. If you’ve got a product reliant on Java, Flash, Reader, Silverlight or anything else requiring a native browser plug-in, you’d best be well on your way to removing those dependencies. Presumably Apple’s Safari on OS X (10.9?) will be the first browser to remove browser plug-in support altogether. The rest of the dominos will fall shortly after.