Shawn Medero

Picture of Shawn Medero's face, a handsome man with a beard

Professionally you might know me as a software engineer, product manager or a user experience team lead. I've worked with the W3C HTML Working Group, published on A List Apart, and been a general advocate for the Web platform. (You'll often find my name in the fine-print: bugs, documentation, test cases, or even in the 2004 Firefox 1.0 NY Times announcement.) I seem to have a special knack for web architecture and archaeology, interface design, search technology, and mobile devices.

Perhaps we met at a conference, non-profit board meeting, or in the neighborhood! I'm usually very involved in the community whether that's technology or personal issues dear to me like bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, traffic safety, and cargo & family bicycling.

While working for large companies, public & private universities, startups and non-profits, I've delivered a range of projects. My favorite types of work include building inclusive communities, developer friendly platforms, data mining, solutions architecture, technology evangelism, web technology standardization, and web-scale search.

When not focusing on internet technology I try to make time for blogging, cooking, cycling, multimedia, music, and veganism. In another life I might have been an urban planner or an NHL hockey player. I recently moved from Seattle, Washington to Claremont, California.


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